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This teenage girl's room designed by Toby Sneider was inspired by her fashionable wardrobe. Photo by Beth Singer
This teenage girl's room designed by Toby Sneider was inspired by her fashionable wardrobe. Photo by Beth Singer

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Fashion in Design

The fashion industry has historically influenced interior design. Although fashion was once reliably the forecast leader ahead of design, today’s climate is different, with design sometimes setting the trends. Here are some examples of what we’re seeing this fall.

“In designing a teenage girl's room, my inspiration was her own fashionable attire which is a mixture of feminine, modern, and vintage clothing. I used feminine touches of ruffles and pastel colors along with vintage designs in the iron bed, nightstands, and wallcovering. Modern touches were incorporated in the clean-lined sofa and custom dresser (not shown). The mannequin displays the client's creative side in designing and sewing many of her own clothes.” – Toby Sneider, Sneider Custom Interiors

“According to W magazine and many other sources, this year PLAID is a must have! We just completed a house and used touches of plaid throughout. We are seeing some great colorful plaids in the fabric showrooms. Plaid proves to be a fun and unexpected pattern to throw into an eclectic mix. And with the new colorways, plaid can fit into almost any space, whether it is quietly subdued or wonderfully dramatic. We are currently using it in a new project as well that is just getting off the ground.” – Dan Davis, Dan Davis Design

“Back in black! This women's staple is the design trend of 2017-18. Paired with green, pink, or any other color on the wheel, we are all right at home. Today's robust economy is reflected in our apparel and home. Contrast equals daring, let's do this!” – Dawn Jacobs, Artichoke Interiors

“Just as a lady adorns herself with jewelry for a night out on the town, designers have the opportunity to dress their clients’ homes with decorative drapery or cabinet hardware. Often, the hardware can incorporate crystals or decorative accents that can take a project from ordinary to extraordinary. A great example of this is Evolutions from JF Fabrics, a collection of crystal drapery hardware made with Swarovski elements.” – Meagan Argenti, Room Service Interior Design

Fashion designers themselves are increasingly introducing their own home furnishing collaborations, many of which are available through MDC showrooms. Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, and Diane von Furstenberg all have collections available through Kravet, and The Ghiordes Knot offers a collection of rugs made by the Italian fashion house Missoni. Most recently, Schumacher teamed up with Vogue Living to offer a collection of fabrics and wallcoverings that bring the world of fashion home.

Back-lit granite adds drama in this contemporary space. Design: It’s Personal Design | Photo by Beth Singer
Back-lit granite adds drama in this contemporary space. Design: It’s Personal Design | Photo by Beth Singer

Monday, July 31, 2017

Small but Mighty

Although they are often one of the smaller spaces in the home, powder rooms can make quite a large impact with carefully chosen fixtures and design elements. And while a high-style powder room is great, it is important to also consider the functionality of the space. See how a few of the area’s top designers helped create small but mighty powder rooms for their clients.

This powder room is part of a new home built in Franklin, Michigan. The aesthetic is very clean and contemporary. For the back wall of this powder room we used a solid piece of granite that is suspended off the wall and back lit for drama. Floating in front of it is a vanity encased in black mirror, which is slightly reflective but very subtle so it does not compete with the granite, which is the focal point. A very subtle silk textured wallpaper was used on the walls and the clean lines of the white bronze sink and nickel faucet add simple elegance. – Ann-Marie Anton, It’s Personal Design

The first powder room pictured above was a very small space. We only had 20" or so for the sink, so we found a marble pedestal that combined drama with function. The wall-mounted faucet was also a space saver. We used a vintage mid-century chandelier with a wallcovering from Schumacher with a Carrara marble look. In the other powder room, the walls are covered in a natural grasscloth. Polished black porcelain tile and Schonbek sconces provide glamour. The nude original painting that is reflected in the mirror, and the pedestal with my clients’ son’s original sculpture are the artful pieces in the space.
 – Sharon Kory, Sharon Kory Interiors

This full main-floor bath was converted into a powder room. It features custom lacquered cabinetry. The custom-designed vanity in a striking red lacquer along with charcoal damask wallcovering give this powder room renovation new life.
 – Toby Sneider, Sneider Custom Interiors

An obsession with designer Katie Leede's Isis patern, featuring colorful fan-crested Hoopoes and Wagtail birds was the inspiration behind the design of this powder room. We chose to install paneling below the paper-backed wallcovering to keep little on-e' hands off the textiles, and accented the space with a vibrant turquoise mirror & sea-glass chandelier.
 – Krista Nye Nicholas and Tami Ramsay, CLOTH & KIND Interiors

These are very different powder rooms that I designed for two clients. The first powder room is sophisticated and serene. The beautiful wallpaper is from Winfield Thybony through Kravet and the wall sconces are from City Lights Detroit. The second powder room is very small but fun. We wanted to make it "special" because it is the powder room that guests use, even though it is very compact. The wallpaper is from Winfield Thybony and the floor tile is Seneca Tile from Virginia Tile.
 – Gail Urso, Urso Designs

Temporarily decorate outdoor spaces with your interior pillows/rugs. Design: CLOTH & KIND | Photo by Sarah Dario
Temporarily decorate outdoor spaces with your interior pillows/rugs. Design: CLOTH & KIND | Photo by Sarah Dario

Thursday, June 29, 2017

It’s a Picnic

Whether you’re enjoying a late summer evening on the patio or having a pool party on a hot July day, our outdoor spaces are ideal when hosting family and friends during the warm summer months. We asked some of the area’s top designers to share their top priorities when creating outdoor spaces their clients will love for many summers to come.

Temporarily decorate your outdoor spaces when hosting friends and family by bringing indoor pillows out, using table runners, and even taking your indoor area rugs out to soften hardscapes (a bonus feature – these products are aired out a bit after a long winter inside). Trust us, you needn't fear bringing your textiles outside. They will add infinite amounts of comfort, color, and texture, and create an ambiance as welcoming as your family room so people will want to linger well into the wee hours! Add vases with fresh-cut floral from your garden. There isn't any formula. Just clip what looks lovely to you and group them in a simple vase or even a fun glass. Lastly, lighting is key. There is an abundance of gorgeous and fun outdoor lighting on the market now, from hurricanes to strands of exposed bulbs. Get your ladder out and have some fun stringing them up in the trees and thinking about surrounding your primary outdoor space in a halo of golden light. 
– Krista Nye Nicholas and Tami Ramsay, CLOTH & KIND

When designing an outdoor space primed for hosting guests, try to incorporate multiple areas designated to please all types of personalities. Whether a shade lover or a sun worshipper, a great outdoor entertaining space should be able to accommodate everyone to ensure that the party lasts for hours. 
Rita O’Brien, Rita O'Brien Design Group

When having friends and family over for an outdoor dinner, the use of only one 'family-style' table helps create an intimate feeling for guests. Using a variety of linens and dinnerware adds to the feeling of casualness while providing more opportunity for texture and color. Casual, fresh-cut garden flowers make great arrangements, but be sure to thoroughly wash the plants to prevent unwanted insects on the table. When hosting a large group for an outdoor meal, remember to enlist some additional help for transporting plates, food, etc. back and forth from the kitchen.
 Kathleen McGovern, Kathleen McGovern Studio of Interior Design

The outdoor space above is just steps away from the kitchen, which makes for quick and easy replenishing of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Pillows and a graphic statement rug take ordinary patio furniture to a new level. Most outdoor furniture comes with a plain, neutral fabric and can be dull if not accompanied by the right furnishings or accessories. Custom ordering more colorful fabrics is always an option, but you can also make a big impact by employing a playful indoor/outdoor rug, a grouping of vibrant pillows and art to create a lively and inviting outdoor space. Terry Ellis, Room Service Interior Design

Smart home features are a fantastic way to enhance interior spaces, but when installed outdoors, they can take our entertainment possibilities through the roof. The 9-foot screen television structure can be seen from the patio, outdoor kitchen area, and even inside of the home through exterior windows due to an advanced audio system that consists of multiple speakers in sync throughout the interior and exterior spaces. The pavilion itself is fitted with a retractable glass overhead door to seal the area from the weather as well. Barbi Krass, Colorworks Studio

Adding water and fire elements into your outdoor spaces works with nature and creates a warm and restful space. Ponds and waterfalls with rock and accent lighting create a relaxed environment for you and your guests. The soothing sounds of the water is great, and fire elements consisting of fire pots in interesting sculptural shapes create additional lighting, as well as an insect repellent. Fire tables bring conversation areas together, all while adding warmth on a chilly night.
 Margaret Skinner, Allied ASID Margeaux Interiors

The ever-changing environment here in Michigan should always be top of mind when choosing outdoor furnishings and appliances. A mildew-resistant rug will not only add to your décor, but also does a great job anchoring your furniture so guests won’t be sliding around. Oversized umbrellas offer protection from the sun and rain, and propane heaters are a great option to extend the season. Donna Brown, Dazzling Designs

My favorite touches are fresh-cut flowers accented with candle light to increase the ambiance. Additionally, our other member of the family always needs to feel included and usually gets the best seat in the backyard when we’re entertaining. If your family pet is well-behaved, our four-legged companions can keep guests entertained in many different ways.
 Cheryl Nestro, Tutto Interiors