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Jeffrey King Discusses 'Living Large' in Any Space

Jeffrey KingJeffrey King of Jeffrey King Interiors doesn’t just create beautiful rooms; he provides “lifestyle design” for his clients. From over-the-top children’s retreats to projects that demonstrate you can ‘live large” in any space, Jeffrey tells us how he interprets his client’s vision to create truly specialized rooms.

You have designed extraordinary rooms for children, including your own
three children. How is your role different when kids direct the show?

Designing for children isn’t a lot different than for adults. They want rooms decorated in their favorite colors, they request space to pursue hobbies, house their favorite treasures or to pay homage to sports teams. They also want, but are too young to articulate, rooms that make them feel safe and encourage them to dream and be creative. The best part of designing for kids is that there are no rules.

Jeffrey King Bedroom

Jeffrey has his young clients begin the design process by selecting their bedding or favorite team colors. These choices direct the rest of the project.

Jeffrey King Living Room

Your designs run the gamut from
stark contemporary to traditional. What is the common thread that links your design styles together?

Whether you live in a 1,000 square foot loft or a 12,000 square foot mansion, you can 'live large' in any space. I create rooms that encourage activity and gathering. For example, I recently completed a 'grandchildren’s room' for a Florida couple. This room can accommodate up to eight and contains built-in bunk beds – each with its own TV – designed to encourage the grandchildren to visit.

Do you have a favorite type project?
I love to create entertainment areas – again, a reflection of my lifestyle design. I’ve created entertaining areas that include home theater systems and seating, and I’ve made bars and gaming areas that rival some of the best clubs in metro Detroit. I recently completed a project dubbed 'The Gathering Place' by the homeowners. It is a free- standing building next to their home that houses a wine-making room in the lower level and a main level kitchen with restaurant-sized counters for family pasta making and brick ovens for homemade pizza.

Jeffrey King Bar
Above: In Jeffrey’s own home a monochromatic color scheme visually expands the combination living / dining room area. This family of five uses all areas of the main floor each day. From after school homework, to dinner, to relaxing – 'living large' also means that no space is under-utilized.

Hard to believe that this upscale bar is part of the lower level in a
private residence. This custom-designed bar features backlit glass
panels, porcelain flooring and white quartz countertop.

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