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LINDA SHEARS of Linda Shears Designs Ltd.

Linda ShearsChoosing new colors for your home may seem like a daunting task but for interior designer Linda Shears, it’s all about color. Say goodbye to the boring beiges and washed out whites and find out how she injects just the right amount of color into every project.

You are known for your expertise with color. How do you use color in
your own life?

I have always loved and been interested in color. While my education was in art, I have always had a strong interest in both fashion and interior design. I was drawn to bold color even then. Today I love bringing color into the lives of my clients through interiors that make them want to be there, the moment they step over the threshold. As an extension of my passion for color, I am writing and illustrating a children’s book, which you may have already guessed, is filled with color.

Linda Shears Dining RoomWhen you work with a client, how do you know what direction to take the color?
I draw from a variety of cues. First and foremost, the personal style of a client dictates the direction that color takes us. For instance, if I encounter a client whose personal sense of style exudes lots of energy, there’s likelihood that they want that same energy reflected in their living space. Bold or vibrant colors are great for energizing a room. On the other hand, if someone is looking for a calm retreat, color can accomplish that too.

Secondly, the client’s home provides lots of clues. There might be a picture, rug, or valued family heirloom which provides the inspiration for colors. We often build upon something that is already there. Interestingly enough, color is greatly influenced by our memories. If you had a peach colored room as a child and your childhood was full of happy memories, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be forever drawn to some variation of the color.  If on the other hand every time you see blue it reminds you of something you’d rather forget, I don’t care how close you live to the water, you’d never find comfort in the house of blue!

Linda Shears BedroomWhen you work with a client to update their décor, do you start with an entirely new palette of colors?
It depends. Sometimes the client is looking for a totally fresh start. Usually, even with a fresh start, you can take color cues from their existing décor. When updating from another decade, there will be color preferences that will jump out at me. It’s sometimes just a matter of finding new shades within those colors so that the room still reflects the owners, but adds a fresh feeling to everything.

What do you want people to understand about the way you use colors?
As human beings we crave color! For some that’s muted color, for some it’s vibrant. What’s great is that it really can be used to reflect our style, but also to create a mood. Color can be bold without being overwhelming, just by using accents.

I love what I do, because people allow me to orchestrate the color in their lives, and like a great piece of music, when it all comes together, it takes you to the place you long to be.



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