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Rariden Schumacher Mio & Co. dining room
Layers of light from the chandelier, lamps, and even candles in this dining space create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting.
Rariden Schumacher Mio & Co. bathroom
This bathroom not only maximizes natural light, but the unique chandelier and pendant lights add personality to the sleek and modern space.
Rariden Schumacher Mio & Co. kitchen
For food prep, recessed lighting is ideal, but the beautiful glass pendants are special elements that provide interest in this kitchen.

One of the most complex elements of design is creating an effective lighting plan. Lighting can lend depth and ambience to a room and tie together all other aspects of decor. Michelle Mio and Jill Schumacher of Rariden Schumacher Mio & Co. share their tips on creating lighting that will feel comfortable and welcoming in your home.

The design duo first suggests bringing the lighting down to eye level to create a more human scale with lamps. “When you bring lighting down to eye level, it’s warmer light, and it doesn’t feel like it’s coming at you from nowhere,” says Schumacher. Lighting with lamps in a living room fills a space and makes that room more social. “Recessed lights over head can cause shadows and be unflattering. Lamp lighting is romantic and natural,” says Mio. Using lamps along with other lighting options will create layers of light, adding warmth within the space and depth to the room.

There are a great number of lighting options available and it is simple to keep lighting within your design theme – whether it’s contemporary, or traditional, or somewhere in between. You can even get creative and design light fixtures from almost anything, a basket, antique pottery, a vase. Convert something with meaning into something functional. “It’s a way to add a unique, one-of-a-kind element into your home,” says Schumacher.

Lighting fixtures can be a design statement, but also act as a functional and dynamic part of the decor. “It’s like placing highly functional jewelry in your room,” says Mio. She and Schumacher love to place chandeliers in unexpected places like little girls’ rooms and bathrooms. “It’s a little funky and quirky,” says Schumacher.

When it comes to natural light, the designers are conscientious about window treatments and suggest taking full advantage of the light that comes through that window during the day. Valances that cover too much of a window won’t allow for natural light to enter the space. “Use natural light to your advantage, and emphasize your windows by not covering them up,” says Mio.

And what about the pesky dilemma of exposed lamp cords? Manufactures are now creating lamps that have rechargeable batteries. That means no more hunting for a wall plug or attempting to hide messy cords.

Making the most out of natural light from windows, and a well thought out plan for lighting in layers will help create warmth and add natural depth to your space, while contributing to a room’s personality and design.

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