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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below are those frequently asked of us at Michigan Design Center. If your questions are not answered here, please e-mail us and your question(s) will be answered shortly.

Is Michigan Design Center Open to the Public?

Everyone is welcome to visit Michigan Design Center. We invite you to explore our 30+ showrooms and discover over 1,000 of the most exclusive names in fine home furnishings. Whether you are looking for one piece, one room or an entire home full of furnishings, Michigan Design Center truly is your one-stop shopping resource.

Should you wish to purchase products from any showroom, the friendly and knowledgeable sales staff within each showroom is happy to assist you. Michigan Design Center is not a retail center and each showroom at MDC sets its own operating policies. Due to the special-order nature of many products, some showrooms may suggest you purchase through a design professional and many have designers on staff to assist you. MDC also has designers available, on-site each day, to support your purchase as the need arises.

Why is it Necessary for a Trade Professional to Handle Sales in some Showrooms?

The majority of the merchandise available at Michigan Design Center is custom made to order. Because of the precise specifications required for custom ordering, most people find the experience overwhelmingly complicated. Further, if an error is made and the wrong size or color is ordered, it can not be returned to the manufacturer. By utilizing the talents and expertise of a professional trade member, you will save time and money by preventing such costly mistakes.

Are the Showrooms Retail Stores?

While some of our showrooms do operate retail facilities in other locations, most do not. Our showrooms sell product components that are custom ordered through design professionals to best suit the needs of their clients. Often times, the perfect sofa frame is found in one showroom and is upholstered with fabric from another showroom. Designers maintain accounts and relationships with the individual showrooms and act as the retail liaison that transacts the sale for the client.

I Don’t Have a Designer. How Can I Find One?

If you are not currently working with an interior designer, we are happy to help you find the designer who is right for you. Think of us as your “guide” to great design. Designer Directory, our designer referral program, provides access to the area’s top designers who have been selected by MDC based on their abilities and established working relationships with our showrooms. Browse their portfolios and read their bios online or visit our Concierge, located in the D lobby for assistance.

How Can A Design Professional Help Me Navigate the MDC Showrooms?

A professional interior designer can help you translate your tastes and personal lifestyle into the rooms where you spend so much of your valuable time, and you’ll save time because everything you need to create the home of your dreams is available at Michigan Design Center. Designers utilize our building every day and are able to point you in just the right direction for whatever it is you may be looking for. Your design project is an investment of time and money and you should enlist the help of a professional to help you get the most out of your investment.



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