Students on a tour of MDC

Class Tours and Presentations

We welcome instructors to bring their college level students to Michigan Design Center. We are happy to assist in setting up a tour and / or presentation to suit the specific needs of your class. Please contact Cheryl Beisel at 248.649.4772 to schedule your tour.

If you would like to visit specific showrooms, please contact the showrooms directly to set this up in advance. Our showrooms are not able to accommodate groups without prior notice.

Student at an internship interview


Internship opportunities at MDC are beneficial to both students requiring credit hours for graduation and showrooms who are often in need of additional help. Students interested in an internship can contact MDC by sending an application and resume to Craig Argenti. All resumes and requests for internships are forwarded to our showrooms who will respond directly to the applicants.

Students visiting MDC

Visiting Michigan Design Center

College-level interior design students are welcome at MDC to work on class projects, shop around for ideas, or to simply gather information. Please have your student identification card with you to present to showrooms. When you arrive at MDC, stop by the concierge desk in the lobby (at the ā€œDā€ entrance) for a map of MDC to make your visit easier. For more information, contact Debbie Homenik at 248.649.4772.

Students at a presentation

Student Design Forum

Our Student Design Forum welcomes over 200 college-level interior design students from all over Michigan, Ohio, and Canada. Participating students enjoy a full day of panel discussions, keynote presentations, career counseling, and product seminars.

For more information about attending our Student Design Forum, contact Emily Crawford at 248.649.2020. Learn more about this year's event >>