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What are some of the ways to know if it’s time to renovate or redecorate a home?

Jane Spencer Jane Spencer Designs


hen your paint and tile/grout

are starting to look tired and

dingy, it’s a sign it’s time for

a refresher. Michigan Design Center

carries some amazing vinyl wallpapers

that can be a much more durable and

interesting application for high-traffic areas where the

paint always seems to wear. Grout can be cleaned only so

many times and I find that people get that 7-year “itch” for

bathroom and backsplash renovations. New tile with power

grout can give a major facelift!

Elizabeth Moore MEM Design Group


o you want to just go on

vacation because the hotel’s

accommodations are better than

yours? It might be time to renovate or

redecorate your home. We are all very

busy these days, and taking on a big

project can seem daunting, time consuming, and costly. Many

questions will come up, such as: How much can I afford? Do

you think I can do it myself to save money? How long will it

take? At that point, this is when you should consider speaking

with a professional architect or an interior designer. They will

be able to take your dreams and make them a reality for the

renovation/redecoration of your home.

What are the benefits of an environmentally

friendly/ LEED credited home? Or where do I begin if

I want an environmentally friendly home?

Margaret Skinner Margeaux Interiors


ere are some of the benefits: Reduces carbons, making air

and water cleaner, energy efficient. After initial investments,

it will save costs on utilities, add value to one’s home, and

there’s currently eligibility for tax credits. A simple way to start with

one’s home is using low and zero VOC paints. Using sustainable

products on the exterior, brick and stone masonry, fiber cement board.

Repurposing, or donating unused items to resale shops.

Planting an herb garden, adding more trees to the property. Putting lighting on dimmers

and using LEDS, and don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave the room!

Geothermal heating is a good option, which after initial investment, will save money.

At a dinner party, using cloth napkins instead of paper, and glass instead of plastic.

Pay bills online, opting for paperless.