Hästens is one of the leading manufacturers of top-tier luxury mattresses in the world. Among a select few companies that still handcraft fine luxury mattresses, Hästens defines itself by using the finest sustainable, all-natural materials to create its beds in the same way that it has for six generations. Hästens has been handcrafting fine luxury beds since 1852, and 100 years later, in 1952, Hästens was appointed as Purveyor to the Swedish Royal Court. Hästens mattresses are literally the choice of kings and queens, and you can have that same level of comfort and quality in your very own bedroom.

All Hästens mattresses are handcrafted by expert artisans who specialize in mattresses or even just a single aspect of mattresses. These traditional techniques have been mastered and passed down for six generations and make every mattress unique and perfect. Hästens mattresses are made from the finest in pure, natural materials for a healthy and comfortable final product that simply cannot be matched by synthetic materials. Top-quality horsehair, cotton, and wool are used to provide the perfect level of comfort as designed by Mother Nature. Layers of all-natural flax are used as buffer layers while high-quality pine is used in the bed frames. Deep within the mattresses are Hästens springs that you will never hear or feel, but provide the reactive support and contouring needed to provide the ultimate level of comfort.

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