Concetti - Bedroom

“Embracing Authenticity through Color: A Journey of Self-Expression and Confidence”
Friday, June 711:30 AM

Join Detroit-based interior design firm Concetti for a captivating presentation in MDC's Mid-America Room, Suite 86. Discover how color can be a powerful tool for creating spaces that genuinely reflect a homeowner’s personality. CEO and principal designer, Rachel Nelson, will guide attendees through inspiring examples showcasing their success in crafting spaces that authentically resonate with their own clients. Concetti's Senior Designer, Kaitlyn Volpe, will also unveil strategies for making current color trends authentic.

Concetti - Kaitlyn and RachelAbout Concetti

Concetti is committed to curating spaces that authentically reflect individuals' true selves. Their approach to interior design is direct and personable—they listen intently, ask probing questions, and strategically plan to ensure each space embodies its owner's essence. As co-creators, Concetti partners with clients to create bold, personalized solutions for homes, workplaces, and communities. Their mission is to transform spaces into true reflections of their occupants.