Farrow & Ball

“The Power of Color”
Friday, June 7 10 AM

Join Color Strategist and Educator Kelly Slank for an immersive exploration of color in MDC’s Mid-America Room, Suite 86. Color is an important tool because it helps us communicate visually, making it easy to understand even without words. It can also make us feel things, like happy or calm. And it's not just about what we see—it affects all our senses, making our experiences more lively. So, in a way, color is like the paint that colors our world, helping us make sense of everything around us. Don't miss the opportunity to gain invaluable insights from Kelly's wealth of experience and expertise in the world of color!

Kelly Slank

About Kelly

Kelly Slank, a seasoned Color Strategist and Educator, channels over 30 years of expertise into her consultancy, Slank Design. As a faculty member at CCS, she imparts her knowledge to aspiring designers. Based in Bloomfield Hills, her consultancy caters to diverse corporate and individual clients, providing expert color and design direction. With a background spanning major brands like Nike, Ford, GM, and Harley Davidson, Kelly specializes in color forecasting, influencing various industries from fashion to automotive design.

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