A Casual Conversation

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Casual Conversation

Start with a concept and stick to it.
Start with a concept and stick to it.

Designer Jennifer Taylor’s vision when creating this unique space was one of a relaxed nature, using only materials of a casual tone. While the end result here was a laid-back meeting space sure to keep the conversation lasting for hours, these tips from Jennifer are sure to keep you on track when making any design decision, regardless of the project.

START WITH A CONCEPT AND STICK TO IT. If you want to make a strong statement, speak one language. It’s OK to mix colors, textures, and materials, but be clear about what you want your room to say. If you’re trying to create a casual atmosphere, know your materials and leave the cut crystal in the cupboard.

SELECT THE NICEST QUALITY TEXTILES YOUR BUDGET WILL ALLOW. Beautiful area rugs, fabrics, and decorative trims are a feast for the senses. Dramatic colors and textures can delight and excite us. Luxurious silks and soft velvets can soothe and entice us. Patterns create movement; solids and stripes create a sense of order. The sense of touch is also gratified. Money spent on quality textiles is never wasted. 

CLASSIC DOES NOT HAVE TO MEAN BORING. Hang a modern painting over the Louis XV console. Add a punch of color in a neutral room. Purchase your larger pieces in classic shapes, then add some unexpected pillows and accessories, or a graphic piece of art. Add a dramatic chandelier to almost any space and watch it come alive. Play with scale. Have a little fun!

SELECT WHAT YOU LOVE. Be true to your own taste and fearlessly select what makes your heart skip a beat. Don't worry about current trends if they don’t really appeal to you.

IT’S YOUR HOME. After all the effort you put into feathering your nest, don't forget to kick back and enjoy it! 

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- Jennifer Taylor, Jennifer Taylor Studio