Saturday, July 1, 2023

The Extra Mile

Alta Performance Technology + Pindler

Make the most of the quality products available through MDC showrooms! MDC showroom experts share their advice on smart ways to maximize functionality in every room of the house.

Custom drawer inserts from Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry

Custom drawer inserts from Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry.

“Cabinetry inserts and accessories are a great way to maximize your storage space and improve the functionality of your cabinets. Since they are designed to fit existing cabinetry, we often advise designers to have their clients live in their space for a while before adding these custom storage solutions as the finishing touch. This provides homeowners ample time to identify their routines and patterns, so we can tailor a custom storage system that truly meets their needs.” – David Gardner, Project Manager at Gardner Builders

Alta Performance Technology + Pindler

Alta Performance Technology + Pindler

“Pindler offers the revolutionary Alta Textile Technology so that designers don’t have to choose between beauty and performance. This technology provides the benefits of soil & stain resistance to allow for easier cleaning, while helping to keep fabrics fresh, clean, and more durable. This technology can be applied to most Pindler fabrics, so stop by the showroom in Suite 103 to learn more.” – Gigi Stempien, Pindler Showroom Manager

Expression Grey Porcelain Tile from Cercan Tile

Expression Grey Porcelain Tile from Cercan Tile

“Our porcelain tile and slabs draw inspiration from marbles, semi-precious stones, and onyx found in nature. Porcelain tiles are made of high density, strong, non-porous materials. They are extremely resistant to abrasion, and they’re waterproof, hypoallergenic, and environmentally friendly. They do not need to be sealed, which makes cleaning with mild soap and water sufficient to keep them looking new. Cercan Tile’s porcelain can be used for both floor and wall coverings.” – Wendy Arabo, Cercan Tile Showroom Manager

TuffSkin Surface Protection

MDC Resource Center Exhibitor TuffSkin Surface Protection

“TuffSkin is a new and effective way to protect and enjoy your countertops for years to come! TuffSkin is a proprietary stone laminate that protects countertops from etching, staining, scratching, and wearing. It is 4 millimeters in thickness and available in both satin (honed) or gloss (polished) finishes. TuffSkin maintains the appearance of countertops and prevents the need for expensive restorations. Visit MDC’s Resource Center in Suite 84 to learn more about this protective film that can be applied to a variety of stone surfaces.” – Justin Kizy, President, TuffSkin Michigan

Stone table with satin TuffSkin protection and marble countertop with gloss TuffSkin

Stone table with satin TuffSkin protection (left) and marble countertop with gloss TuffSkin (right).