Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Décor

Autumn is a special time of year, especially in Michigan, where the leaves turn all shades of red, rust, and gold. With the days shorter and the nights longer, we turn our lights on earlier and spend more time indoors. As the seasons change, so should our décor, so we asked some of the area’s top designers to share their tried-and-true décor tips for fall.

“I encourage my clients to introduce fresh fall flowers in the kitchen and family gathering areas. Perhaps involve your young children or grandchildren in the arrangement process by looking for outdoor twigs, leaves, and rocks from the backyard to include in the floral displays to give that trending look to your home with an organic touch. Changing your wall decor adds a nice kick, too.  By replacing key pieces of wall art with special fall pictures that hold either family fall memories or still pictures showcasing upper Michigan’s fall foliage, you’ll help set the tone throughout the entire house. The trick when adding any special touch is to remember, less is always more.”
- Rita O’Brien, Rita O’Brien Design Group

“Fortunately, it is relatively easy to decorate our homes for the fall season with the great variety of potted mum plants and beautiful cut flowers and berries available at nurseries, markets, grocery stores, and florists. Squash of all kinds, including pumpkins in various sizes and colors, make for easy table decorations. Bowls of nuts or pinecones also add a fall touch. Some people go all out and bring out linens and tableware that reflect fall. If you have the space to store an extra set of dishes and placemats and other tableware, this is a fun way to decorate for the season.”
- Gail Urso, Urso Designs

“I always have my toss pillows made with a zipper so I can change the pillow covers seasonally. I put stacks of throws in a couple of areas of the house that are available all fall and winter. In the fall (and winter) you'll have more inside guests, so it’s great to have a hospitality bar in plain sight. I don't believe in skimping on the sofa just because you have kids. Buy a comfortable, well-made sofa and have custom slipcovers made to protect it in fall and winter when kids are more likely to be inside. Change your tableware. Go antiquing and pick up some vintage china pieces to mix with what you have. Plug in an extra lamp. This gives me a push to partake in cold-weather projects that need the extra light. This fall and winter I will be creating an intricate backdrop for my Daughter's upcoming wedding in May.”
- Teri Main, Main Design Innovation

“One idea is to be sure that you tidy up your front garden and create great fall pots. Gourds come in so many great colors (or non-colors like white) and textures – birch branches and pansies that can withstand the weather. Having a tidy and well-appointed front entrance is not only welcoming, but makes the prospect of winter here in Michigan a little more tolerable!”
- Jill Schumacher, Rariden Schumacher Mio

“Change out your candles to ones with smokier, spice-scented aromas to bring the season of autumn indoors. We also encourage our clients to have seasonal rugs that can help match all the times of the year.  In fall, we like to bring out the older Oriental and Persian rugs to create a warmer tone throughout the home.”
- Arturo Sanchez and Barry Harrison, Art | Harrison Interiors