Monday, July 1, 2019

The Finishing Touch

No room design is complete without the finishing touch – the design elements that complete a room and tie everything together. Whether it be an area rug, artwork, colorful accents, or a unique fabric, these top designers share how they created fully finished spaces for their clients.

“For this space, the classic black and white theme is punctuated with colorful accents and artwork. Painting the ceiling beams in high-gloss black, piping the sofas with black patent leather, and the shiny black lamps are finishing touches that create a cohesive yet exciting spin on a classic theme. The custom cabinets in the back were designed to showcase the owner’s collection of art in a way that does not distract from the overall theme but rather accents it. Small colorful art pieces enliven the space without being overpowering. Overall, being able to successfully incorporate color in a room that has a black and white theme helps create a harmonious and unique space.”
– Phyllis Whitehead, Fifi & Coco Interiors

“A current trend in homes is wood flooring. Area rugs are great for adding color, warmth, and style. In many cases, the area rug is selected first and sets the color scheme for the room. However, sometimes it is added as a finishing touch to a space. Such is the case in the master bedroom of my clients’ lake house. The room has wonderful visual elements: the spectacular view of the lake, the contrast of a deep sable finish on the furniture against the white oak floors, and lush custom silk bedding. But it needed a bit of texture and pattern and softness under foot...a bit of art on the floor. In keeping with the modern Prairie-style architecture of the home, we selected an Arts and Crafts inspired area rug from The Ghiordes Knot. The warm sunset colors of the rug echo the color palette of the home and add depth and a finishing touch to this space.”
– Linda Shears, Linda Shears Designs

“When adding the finishing touches to any space, it’s important that every piece has a purpose and helps to tie the room together. Finishing touches are not after-thoughts; rather, these details help to make the space feel layered, intentional, and complete. In this room, we used furniture and accessories that complement the cozy elements of the plush sofa and rug while also adding bursts of color and interest that make the space feel dynamic. The window treatments and plump pillows encourage the homeowners to sit down and relax, while the vibrant art and eye-catching coffee table enliven the room with a fun energy. These finishing touches help achieve the perfect balance of inviting and invigorating.”
– Carrie Long, Carrie Long Interiors
Wallpaper: Phillip Jeffries from Tennant & Associates

"The playful vernacular of the cherry blossom fabric set the stage for the midcentury silhouettes in this master suite. With this delightful mix of colors at the forefront, it was the perfect layer to pull the entire space together without leaving any aspect of the design behind. Having this fabric as a focal helped to guide the selections process and created quite the conversation piece."
– Rachel Nelson and Lauren DeLaurentiis, RL Concetti LLC
Lounge chairs and headboard: RJ Thomas
Chair and pillow fabric: Robert Allen Duralee Group

The gray extra-textured rug from The Ghiordes Knot pulled together the elements of the glass table with a metal base and the two sofas with metal legs from The Designer Group Collection.  It also worked well with the stainless metal that I added to the existing 10' tall fireplace.”
– Lois Haron, Lois Haron Designs

“This bedroom is meant to be uncluttered and peaceful, but finishing touches are all important in adding to the overall design of the room. Thibaut fabrics add luxury to the tufted Lancaster bed while Visual Comfort lighting adds unexpected glamour. The RJ Thomas chest is accessorized with assorted objects.”
– Jane Synnestvedt, Jane Synnestvedt Interior Design Inc.