Monday, October 2, 2023

“Know Your Worth” – Our Takeaways

Michelle Lynne

The third installment in MDC’s Designer Network Series featured business coach Michelle Lynne of Designed for the Creative Mind. During the event, Michelle delivered an energetic and informative presentation for designers focused on cultivating a winning mindset to confidently charge what they’re worth.

Know Your Worth presentation

Determine Your Business Vision
Michelle's presentation began with the emphasis on building toward a pre-determined goal in the future. “Think of when you are driving… wherever you look is where you are going to go,” illustrated Michelle. “If you don’t look where you are going, you’re going to end up wherever.” The scenario is very similar to designers when creating a vision for their own business. “Nothing happens unless you write it down and start creating a map.”

Michelle at a drag race

Change Your Mindset
She explained that it is essential to believe in yourself and your design skills, and that self-doubt can be a significant barrier to success. “Your mind is designed to look for what’s wrong,” explained Michelle. “The goal is to replace these thoughts with the reality you are creating.” Michelle shared some strategies for overcoming self-doubt, including positive self-talk and visualization exercises.

Michelle Lynne

Consistency Creates Confidence
Michelle emphasized the importance of having a standard process in place. “Every project is different, but the process should remain the same,” said Michelle. This consistency will help you manage your client’s expectations from the beginning, allowing you to recognize red flags and attract the clients you truly desire.

Michelle Lynne & Heather Vercellino

Charge Your Full Worth
Michelle ended the presentation by discussing a few different ways to charge clients for design fees and stressed the importance of compensation for procurement services. She explained that designers often underprice their services, which can lead to burnout and dissatisfaction. Michelle also shared several tips to increase profits and boost your bottom line.

To watch Michelle’s full presentation, follow the link below:


Michelle Lynne giving presentation