Lighting the Way

Zanadoo Large Chandelier | photo courtesy of Arteriors
Zanadoo Large Chandelier | photo courtesy of Arteriors

During the dark days of winter, indoor lighting, whether it’s functional or atmospheric, becomes paramount. MDC showroom experts weigh in with trends and advice that will put your home in the best possible light.

 “People tend to play it safe, but lighting should be individualistic – don’t be afraid to make a bold statement,” suggests Carmen Wald of Lighting Resource Studio. “Remember that lighting creates energy in a room.” Proving her point is this dramatic 12-light Zanadoo Large Chandelier from Arteriors, pictured finished in antique brass. The showroom recently opened a new space in Suite 18, although it will also continue to operate in Suite 97.  “Our new showroom is more of a gallery,” Wald explains. “We also intend to create a lighting lab where people can experiment with different qualities and colors of light.”

“In finishes, brass is making a comeback, but in a more sophisticated way,” says Maria Kramer, gallery director at City Lights Detroit, Suite 98. “Hand-rubbed antique brass is especially popular today, and burnished silver leaf is also a popular option,” she adds. An example is AERIN’s Turenne Small Sconce in Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass with Clear Glass (pictured). Kramer cautions against mixing too many light intensities or colors in the same room. Instead, strive for a more even color. “You really want to avoid those weird hot spots,” she says.

“We’re seeing a decided preference for transitional lamps, not strictly traditional, with a strong emphasis on gold and brass,” says Steven Irish, showroom manager at the Henredon Interior Design Showroom, Suite 122. “What’s also popular is glass, either clear or black,” he adds. “One of our showstoppers is the Leigh Table Lamp (pictured) by Suzanne Kasler for Visual Comfort.” The lamp has a clear glass body with a gold-leaf base and silk shade. “People are just drawn to it when they come into the showroom,” Irish says.