Monday, April 29, 2024

Picture Perfect

Design by Ellwood Interiors, Photograph by Beth Singer

In the world of interior design, a successful photo shoot can make all the difference—it's the culmination of hard work, creativity, and meticulous planning. To further explore the intricacies involved with this crowning moment, Ruth Casper Design Studio is hosting a panel discussion titled “Preparing You and Your Client for a Professional Photo Shoot” at The May Event on Thursday, May 9, at MDC. Ruth and her team have assembled an impressive group of professionals for the panel, and we asked them for a preview of their top tips for designers preparing for a picture-perfect interior design photoshoot.

Design by Ruth Casper. Photo by Joe Tiano

Interior Designer Ruth Casper adding the final touches to her clients’ family room for a special holiday photo shoot. Photo by Joe Tiano.

Ruth CasperRuth Casper – Panelist
Ruth Casper Design Studio

  • If the client is present during the photo shoot, provide lunch. It makes it part of a luxury experience.
  • Always leave a thoughtful gift or flowers for the client, accompanied by a handwritten “Thank You” card.
Design by Anahi Hollis Interiors. Photo by Joe Tiano

Finished bathroom photography by Joe Tiano for Anahí Hollis Interiors.

Joe TianoJoe Tiano – Moderator & Panelist
Joseph Tiano Interiors Photographer

  • Clearly communicate the project scope and essential photos with the photographer beforehand.
  • Inform homeowners of the estimated time and expectations for the shoot day to avoid surprises.
  • Ensuring the property is photo-ready (to the best of its ability) helps maintain a smooth workflow.
Design by James Douglas Interiors. Photo by Beth Singer

Finished family room photography by Beth Singer for James Douglas Interiors.

Beth SingerBeth Singer – Panelist
Beth Singer Photographer, Inc.

  • Opt for comfortable shoes to navigate the shoot day at ease.
  • Conduct a thorough walk-through before starting the shoot.
  • Be a step ahead of your photographer throughout the session!
Design by Erica Harrison. Photo by Nick Johnson

A charming, rustic room designed by Hudson Sterling Design. Photo by Nick Johnson.

Erica HarrisonErica Harrison – Panelist
Hudson Sterling Design

  • Be more prepared than you think you need to be with items.
  • With flowers: Opt for simpler arrangements but embrace color where appropriate.
  • The story/ concept is everything. Maintain consistency with the mood and avoid introducing conflicting vibes.