Treat Yourself!

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Treat Yourself!

Lexington Audrey Sofa | RJ Thomas, Ltd., Suites 77, 80, 82 & 90
Lexington Audrey Sofa | RJ Thomas, Ltd., Suites 77, 80, 82 & 90

With the holidays officially in the rear-view mirror, it’s time for gift-givers everywhere to treat themselves to something special. We asked some of the area’s top designers which particular design elements they “splurge” on, and which elements they take a more modest approach with, leaving their clients happy while also staying within budget.

"I talk many of my clients into splurging on really high quality upholstery items and long-wearing fabrics. With custom building projects, sometimes by the time you get to the furniture selections, clients are tempted to cut corners. For the seating items you’ll use every day, choose the best quality you can afford. A really good sofa will be far more comfortable and will last for many years. Clients thank me for this advice – nobody has ever said they wish they had bought a cheaper sofa.”
Amanda Sinistaj, Ellwood Interiors

“I make it my aim to use at least one item from Baker Furniture in each room I do. If budget is a concern, I may select a lamp, side table, or accessory. The quality and look of Baker is unparalleled, and even one of two of their items peppered in each room seems to raise the status of things. A particular item I frequently use is the Barbara Barry Bauble Drum. It’s a side table that looks like a million bucks, from a designer that is internationally known, and at a decent price point.”
Teri Main, Main Design Innovations

“I love incorporating special Pewabic tile as the “star” of an application by combining it with a hand-crafted field tile. With hundreds of homes in and around Detroit built during the Arts and Crafts period, Pewabic Tile was very much in demand as an architectural feature for fireplace surrounds, floors, and bathrooms. Homeowners in Detroit and the suburbs have gone to great lengths to preserve their original Pewabic tile, and so it remains a very popular design element. The flip side to this movement are the many beautiful homes built during this period that for one reason or another, lack this historic feature. These homes of a similar age are ripe for renovation, and many homeowners love this design element that is rooted in Detroit's entrepreneurial history. Adding a special Pewabic accent tile at $18.00 each, while selecting a hand-molded field tile from elsewhere that is priced around $35.00/sq. ft., is a beautiful and budget-friendly option. Pewabic field tile can cost up to $250.00/sq. ft.”
Kathleen McGovern, Kathleen McGovern Studio of Interior Design