Wall-to-Wall Beauty

Phillip Jeffries Blur | Photo courtesy of Phillip Jeffries
Phillip Jeffries Blur | Photo courtesy of Phillip Jeffries

Wallcoverings are back in a big way, adding style and flair to any room. The options in colorways, textures, and patterns are nearly endless, and the 2018 offerings available at MDC showrooms are making a splash with designers and their clients.

Mary Tennant, owner of Tennant & Associates in Suite 61, has been keeping track of what’s hot in wallcoverings for decades. “A new line of digital prints sold in panels from Phillip Jeffries are really beautiful,” she says. “The great thing about them is you don’t need to hang art on the wall because the wallcovering itself is the art.” Pictured is the “Blur” pattern from Phillip Jeffries, which resembles a large abstract watercolor.

Kristina McGee, former showroom manager at Schumacher, Suite 110, notices a growing trend for wallcoverings depicting scenes. “We just launched a partnership with Iksel, a British company that specializes in scenes. They have a beautiful Italian scene, a chinoiserie scene, and so on,” she says. “We’re proud to be the only distributor of Iksel in the United States.” Shown is Iksel’s “Bagatelle” pattern.

“We’re finding that people are more willing today to go out on a limb and be more adventurous and bold with wallcoverings,” comments Dawn Tennant, showroom manager at Rozmallin, Suite 60. To prove her point, she cites the popularity of the “Tibet” pattern, from Clarence House (pictured, in “Blues”). “When I saw it in a Grosse Pointe powder room, it looked absolutely spectacular,” she says. The print, available in nine colorways, was adapted from a watercolor by Japanese artist Kazumi Yoshida.