Thursday, July 30, 2015

What's Hot?

The sun may be the source for the warmth outdoors, but there are a few items within MDC showrooms that are stirring up some heat themselves. We asked designers and showroom managers to share which products in particular are “hot” this summer:

Any geometric shape is going to add visual texture to your design and is sure to inject a modern look into your space. Jonathan Adler’s latest collection for Kravet, Clarity, is filled with fun and energetic shapes. Check out this video to see for yourself. The honeycomb pattern in particular is popping up all throughout MDC, finding its way into fabrics, rugs, wallcoverings, and even tile, as seen here in Ann Sacks’ Modern Ribbed Collection.

Textured wallcoverings add depth and tactile appeal to a wall that a simple coat of paint cannot match. Tile could help achieve this textured look, but is not as easy to uninstall, so it’s a more permanent design element. “I love Thibaut’s Tuscany Faux Leather wallcovering,” said Donna Brown, of Dazzling Designs. “This masculine wallpaper is great for use in powder rooms, accent walls and the home office.  Its vinyl nature makes it easier to clean than real leather, and prevents it from expanding and contracting due to humidity.” For a different take, Phillip Jeffries’ new summer collections are loaded with travel-inspired textures and playful prints.

Good lighting is often the key to great design. Aside from functionality, it also helps to set the mood and inspires other design elements within a space. The two oversized pendants used in the bedroom above feeds into the industrial design scheme of this hi-end Royal Oak loft designed by Todd Lampman, of Todd Lampman Designs. The overhead lighting fixture used by Corey Damen Jenkins, of Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates, in his Design 2 Ways vignette shares the gold and brass color tones found in multiple furnishings within the space.

Whether it’s smooth wooden curves on a console table or circular seating, we are seeing circles and curves throughout MDC. Not only do these smooth bends enhance the design of the product, they tend to give a space a friendlier and more social feel. These furnishings can offer more comfort than their boxier counterparts when the curves follow the natural contours of the human body.

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