You’ll Thank Us!

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Monday, October 31, 2016

You’ll Thank Us!

Bedroom designed by Sharon Kory | photo by Beth Singer
Bedroom designed by Sharon Kory | photo by Beth Singer

Thanksgiving is a special time of year that calls us to gather with family members, enjoy a wonderful feast, and reminisce on cherished memories while creating new ones. As many of us will soon reflect on what we have to be grateful for, we thought it appropriate to ask a few of the area’s top designers to reflect on their work experiences, and share their design tips that always leave their clients saying, "Thank you!"

"Invest in good bedding! After you've made your bedroom furniture selections – headboard, nightstands, seating, window and wallcoverings – don't forget to invest in lush and noteworthy sheets, pillows, coverlet, and duvet. Having quality linens on your bed is "priceless" and very underrated by most homeowners."
- Sharon Kory, Sharon Kory Interiors

"'Less is more' has always been my mantra when designing my client’s homes. A few decorative pieces will attract more attention. Having too many makes it more difficult to decipher what's there, and each piece deserves its own attention to make it special. I have come across clients who want every important piece of furniture to be visible immediately upon entering the house. This leaves nothing to the imagination. I feel that the beauty about an environment is the discovery. Walking around and seeing something beautiful in an unexpected place is much more fun and makes the journey exciting. The same applies in design – the unexpected sculpture, the hidden wall with a beautiful piece of art – a home is to be discovered piece by piece, each piece from a different angle. Keep this idea in mind when you begin decorating your home this holiday season. Decorate in strategic places and don't overwhelm. Clutter is truly not chic."
- Maha Jano, Maha Jano Interiors

"The constant pursuit of searching for the best price is most often not the best choice. Hiring professionals in all aspects of the design process is most important (architect, interior designer, builder, etc.). Putting together the best team possible often saves on costs down the road. This is especially true if you are in the process of building a new home. You’ll face infinite decisions, and it is pertinent to the design process to have a highly skilled professional interior designer on the team."
- Cheryl Nestro, Tutto Interiors

"Do you love the color red? Do you wear red? How do you feel when you wear it? What about using red in your home? If you’re timid, perhaps apply it as an accent first. If you’re bold, splash it onto your walls! There are appropriate places to use red in the home, either in its pure form or in one of its tints, tones, or shades. Psychologically, red is a warm and positive color that awakens the appetite and sparks social interaction; hence, it works well in dining rooms. In the dining room pictured above we used a darker shade of red (Sherwin Williams #7583 Wild Current) on the walls to create drama and help support the art of conversation over a meal with friends."
- Linda Shears, Linda Shears Designs