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Left: “Mom’s Time Out” by Conway Interiors | Right: "Collector’s Gallery” by David & Davis Home
Left: “Mom’s Time Out” by Conway Interiors | Right: "Collector’s Gallery” by David & Davis Home

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Design 2 Ways is a Hit!

Our recent “Design 2 Ways” event attracted more than 350 guests and collected over $1500 for the event’s charity partner, Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center’s ArtAccess Program. Held on February 6, the one-day event featured twelve of the area’s top interior design professionals going head-to-head to create their own unique interpretation of a room. Within each participating MDC showroom, a pair of designers created dramatically different spaces, starting with three similar investment-grade furnishings. In addition, many of the vignette’s featured artwork created by local artists from the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center.

The event kicked off with a standing-room only Designer Presentation where the designers shared their creative process for designing each space, as well as tips for reinventing rooms using key furnishings as trends and tastes change over time. After viewing the assembled vignettes in participating showrooms, event-goers were invited to vote for their favorites in the People’s Choice Awards. The ROOM OF YOUR DREAMS AWARD went to Corey Damen Jenkins, of Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates in Birmingham, for his cosmopolitan-themed “Posh Parlor” vignette in de Grimme Gallery, Suite 72. Winning the ROOM YOU WOULD RECREATE IN YOUR HOME AWARD was Richard Ross of Richard Ross Designs in Royal Oak for his masculine lounge titled, “Members Only,” in RJ Thomas, Suite 82.

Thank you to all of the showrooms, designers, Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, and of course the attendees that made this event a great success! Visit our Facebook page to see more images from the event!

Sharon Kory, Sharon Kory Interiors | right: photo by Beth Singer, left: photo by Jeff Garland
Sharon Kory, Sharon Kory Interiors | right: photo by Beth Singer, left: photo by Jeff Garland

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Back to Basics

The cold temperatures and snow will keep most of us snuggled up in our homes this month, so what better time than now to spruce up our indoor spaces? We asked our designers to go back to the basics and share the essentials that they cannot live without when designing a room:

The most basic and integral part of any good interior is lighting. This can refer to natural light, ambient or mood lighting, task lighting or general overhead lighting. A well-designed room has all or most of those components. The most common mistake made by builders and homeowners is to overdo the overhead lighting, such as recessed cans, and underdo the rest. Wall sconces and lamps, especially with dimmers, provide great ambient light, while a picture light can highlight a piece of art or sculpture and create a “hot spot”. Good natural light is the dream for any space and, in my view, the gold standard when designing a well composed, balanced room.”
 Sharon Kory, Sharon Kory Interiors

I think one of the most ‘basic’ things about interior design is creating a space where the homeowner's personality shines through. One of my favorite ways to do this is lining shelves and stacking tables with books that reflect a client's interests, travels or favorite novels. Then, by integrating a carefully (carefully is the key word here!) curated collection of photos, curiosities and mementos you reveal the homeowner's point of view. Ultimately these small touches define the culture of a home.”
 Anne Strickland, PORT Mfg. & Design

Basic to every room design is the focal point. It is the place where the eye first comes to rest when entering the room — making it one of the most important features for a well-decorated space. Creating a focal point that draws attention to itself will help pull the furniture arrangement together and make a busy space seem less so. Sometimes a focal point is an architectural feature, which tends to be more natural — like a fireplace, built-in cabinets or a wonderful outdoor view. Other times, a focal point has to be created, which can be accomplished by placing a beautiful piece of furniture or artwork on a feature wall. Painting the wall in this area a contrasting color is a great way to emphasize this type of focal point.”
 Linda Shears, Linda Shears Designs

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Left: Room Service Interior Design. Right: Richard Ross Designs.
Left: Room Service Interior Design. Right: Richard Ross Designs.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 – The Year of the Bathroom Remodel

2015 is officially here, and while personal resolutions are a great way to improve one’s physical and mental health, it’s important not to forget the brick-and-mortar that keeps our families safe and sound. We asked designers and MDC showroom staff alike what interior design resolutions they made for 2015. We quickly learned that bathroom renovations were the most popular design project on people’s to-do lists:

• “I’ve noticed that bathrooms are replacing the kitchen in importance for updating amongst our clients. Homeowners want an in home spa feel, furniture pieces retrofitted for vanities, tile and stone continuing from a heated floor to cladded walls, showers, tub enclosures. Curbless showers with seating and cubbies complete the feel of relaxation in the bath, with mood lighting and warmed towels.” - Barbi Krass, Colorworks Studio

• “My intent is to renovate my main bathroom...Keeping the tile and bringing it back to life, replacing the cabinet and counter, and adding some new lighting and paint.” - Camile Naimy, Showroom Manager at Decoroom

• “I’d like to blow out a hall bath to the studs and completely redo it, paint the master bedroom and replace the window treatments. Also, I’d like to redo the basement and add an addition to the back of the house.  In other words in 2015 I want to think big! Why not?” - Teri Main, Main Design Innovations

• “First, I’d like to add more native Michigan plants to my garden. Second, I’m planning on remodeling the last two harvest gold and avocado green bathrooms left in the area…Mine!” - Barbara Bilobran, Showroom Manager at Marie-Howard Showroom

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