Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Kid Zone

Annie Kordas Interiors, Photograph by Kat Stevenson

Whether it’s sugar-and-spice-and-everything-nice, active and rugged, or something in-between, kids want a space that’s uniquely their own. We’ve enlisted a cadre of savvy designers to share the inside scoop in keeping their smallest clients happy.

Rariden Schumacher Mio & Co., Photograph by Martin Vecchio

Photograph by Martin Vecchio

“When designing kid-friendly spaces for active and creative families, we use stylish, but durable materials. This multi-purpose room wears many hats for adults and children alike: kitchenette, bar, game space, creation station, and all-around entertainment space. An area like this demands durability, so we were careful to use materials that were up to the task, like a perfect replica of vinyl wood floor planks in vinyl, custom countertops, and a backsplash adorned with the homeowner’s collection of polished Petosky Stones.” – Jill Schumacher, Rariden Schumacher Mio & Co.


  • Start with a color palette. A space for kids doesn’t always need to be bright and filled with polka dots. There are so many wonderful color combinations for kids that still feel chic and comfortable for adults as well.
  • In your planning process, it’s good to have a list of activities and functions you expect the room to serve. Efficiencies can be built in to keep messes contained so that kids can be kids and have fun, but everything has its place.

 SOURCES: Visual Comfort pendants, City Lights Detroit; The Ghiordes Knot rug

Petrella Designs, Photograph by Martin Vecchio

Photograph by Martin Vecchio

Children grow so quickly and develop their own style as they get older, so keep their design lighthearted and simple. Mix-and-match bedding is ideal for a room like this when both beds aren’t used at the same time. As it comes time to change the sheets, you don’t have to worry about the sets matching.” – Lisa Petrella, Petrella Designs


  • It’s so important to have easy hooks to hang clothes on (hangers are difficult for kids) and to make storage readily accessible for toys and books. Keep furniture size appropriate so children can utilize their space.
  • Allow children to hang their own artwork as wall decor or have a magnetic board to display their work, this will encourage them to be more creative.

SOURCES: Pindler drapes; Samuel & Sons trim, Tennant & Associates

Annie Kordas Interiors, Photograph by Kat Stevenson

Photograph by Kat Stevenson

“I always try to approach children's rooms with a sophisticated palette. I feel like a lot of the kids' rooms are so juvenile, which is a shame because they can be incredibly well-designed. I always present some wallpaper choices that could be used in a normal adult space. Once they make their selection, I try to infuse the space with colors the child likes.” – Annie Kordas, Annie Kordas Interiors


  • I think the open-concept closet is a good idea because it can teach young people to be neater and more organized because you can't throw the clothes in a closet and shut the drawer to hide the mess.
  • I love a mix of modern accessories and vintage items that speak to the client.

SOURCE: Mulberry Home wallpaper, Kravet | Lee Jofa | Brunschwig & Fils

Asmar Interiors, Photograph by Beth Singer

Photograph by Beth Singer

“Before I designed this room, I met with the client’s 5-year-old son to learn more about him, and he shared how much he loves the park. So, we created a unique design just for him with bright colors, cozy seating, and the main feature: a fun slide! Kids love having a special place they can call their own, and he was so excited to have a slide in his room. I think it’s key that the overall design feels like your client and isn’t simply what the designer envisions.” – Jennifer Asmar, Asmar Interiors


  • Use your space wisely. If you have the opportunity to create a reading or play area, take advantage of it. A kid’s room needn’t be just for bedtime. 
  • I love to add original artwork to elevate a space.

SOURCES: Romo fabric, Tennant & Associates; Schumacher wallpaper